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Killing God by Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks is one of the best writers of Realism for Young Adults in the world of children’s literature. Killing God lives up to the awesome standard that he has set with his previous books Candy, Being, Martyn Pig and Road of the Dead.

This story is about Dawn who is in a dreadful state psychologically. She is 15 years old but has an inner secret self who is 2 years younger due to a dreadful event that happened to her at that age. The book is about getting that out into the open, and Brooks is a master at doing this.

Dawn lives with her mother who is a sad case. She lies around all day getting drunk and watching television. Dawn is a loner. But the two have a secret that keeps them going, that is related to the disappearance of the father and husband two years earlier.

When two worldly and brazen girls, Mel and Taylor, come into Dawn’s life, all that has been hidden comes to the surface in a dramatic way.

This is a riveting tale that maintains suspense throughout and also gives vent to the existence or not of God and the relevance of God in the life of someone who feels they have been forsaken.

The music and lyrics of the band Jesus and Mary Chain are spread throughout the text in a meaningful way.

If you like realism at it’s starkest and most thought provoking, then this is the book for you. Definitely Young Adult or Senior Secondary.

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