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Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver

Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver. Pub. Orion Children’s Books, 2008.

The fifth part of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series and again brilliantly written.

Paver sets this series in the Primeval forests of Europe just after the Ice Age when humans are inseparable from the physical and spiritual world around them. Indeed humans are divided into tribes which are named after the environment or animal with which they base their culture.

Torak is a Spirit Walker in this world, a position of some power, but he is a young teenager and has to work out what he can and cannot do. He also has his own life to live and has two close companions.  Wolf is a wolf and the two are pack brothers but Wolf too is growing up and the sap is rising.  Renn is Torak’s female companion by her choice not his, she is older than Torak, extremely strong and you sense some chemistry between them.

The Soul Eaters are out to dominate and destroy the tribal world that Torak and Renn inhabit, and conflict has occurred in past books in the series, this time it is the Oak Mage who is the focussed enemy, and a real bad ass he is.  The conflict in the novel between the Oak Mage and our heroes is exciting with the power of fire the danger that threatens the life of all the tribes of this spiritual world.

This story is written on several levels so that a wide range of readers will enjoy it. The action will enthrall everyone but there is a depth about this series that will keep the thinkers in our midst well happy especially about the nature of good and evil and their affect on the human condition.

Will appeal to readers from Intermediate age to Senior Secondary and Young Adult.
The last part Ghost Hunter is already out and will be reviewed on this blog. Get into this series it is magnificent.

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