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Eating Things on Sticks by Anne Fine

Eating things on Sticks by Anne Fine. Pub. Doubleday, 2009

Former Children’s Laureate Anne Fine has written some of the best stories for children and young Adults. This is not her best novel but it is still worth a read.

It is for younger readers from ages 9 to 12 years but her writing is so good it will appeal to older readers too. Take this line as an example as she describes a grumpy old man – “his face is miserable enough to make a funeral procession turn up a side street”. The whole book is scattered with descriptions and witticisms that leave you in awe of her writing talents.

Harry is a young lad with a sense of humour and a bit of nous, but through an oversight he has succeeded in burning down his mother’s kitchen. The family has to leave the house so repairs can be done and Harry goes to live with his uncle Tristram who is mother is not comfortable with even though he is her brother. Tristram fancies a hippy type girl, Morning Glory, who lives on an isolated island, but does she fancy Tristram?

Harry and Tristram go to visit Morning Glory and encounter a weird collection of characters who inhabit the island and take part in an annual competition from which the book gets it’s name.

The situations that arise are full of humour that will incite the most reluctant of readers to keep reading. Have a bit of fun and read it yourself.

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