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Ghost Hunter by Michelle Paver

Ghost Hunter by Michelle Paver. Pub. Orion, 2009.

The sixth and final book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series and a brilliant finish to the series it is.

I read this book while trekking through Morocco and it was a fabulous contrast to the world that was happening around me as I haggled with Berbers and came to terms with a Marrakech that was way different from the town I adored in the 1970,s as a hippie.

Eostra the Eagle Owl Mage is the last of the Soul Eaters. She is the evil force that wants to dominate the world in which Torak, Wolf, Renn, Fin-Kedinn and the many tribes and creatures that live in this world in harmony with their natural environment.

Eostra possesses the last piece of the Fire Opal that enhances her considerable powers over the elements and the creatures around her.  Eostra contrives to drive Torak apart from his pack-brother Wolf and his female companion Renn as she wants Torak,s power as a Spirit Walker. In this final conflict she lures him to the Mountain of Ghosts.

Will she succeed? What will happen to Wolf his partner Darkfur and their cubs? Is there something more to the relationship between Torak and Renn who are now 15 summers old? Will they all survive the ordeal that they are about to endure? How will the different tribes react to it all? Are there other characters and creatures  in this magical world who may influence the final result?

Michelle Paver has brilliantly and intelligently finished this outstanding series about Stone Age man living in the forests, rivers, coastlines and mountains of the world after the Ice Age. Her attention to detail of man living close to nature in this primeavel world is outstanding. This series will surely become a classic.

Aimed at a wide audience from Intermediate through to Secondary and Young Adult. If you miss this series you will kick yourself.

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