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How to get Dumped by Pat Flynn

How to get Dumped by Pat Flynn. Pub. Penguin Group, 2009

I looked at the title of this book and thought this might be a laugh and lo and behold it was!

I have always liked Paul Jennings and Andy Griffith and I thought that Pat Flynn might be a good successor to these writers for teenagers. Check this title and see what you think.

It is frivolous but serious too. Flynn states at the end of the book that you might not like being dumped  but you’ll live.

The main character is Rossy who has just picked up with Ashleigh. She is a great kisser, but has interests way different from hotrods and sport that Rossy is into.

When she signs him up for a lunchtime course at school on social Justice he wants out of there. As he is about to dump her he is cornered by Ashleighs ex boyfriend, Devo, who is a maniac and threats to break him in two if he ever hurts her.

With the help of his friend Kane, Rossy plots to get Ashleigh to dump him, thus avoiding becoming two parts. There is an old saying that goes “don’t wish for something too hard, you might get it”.

Pat Flynn has written a very funny story that will appeal equally to teenage boys and girls. It is well written and has some phrases in it that kids will want to use themselves and that will titillate the reader with their ingenuity. Describing his frustrations after Ashleigh stops kissing him so that she can know the meaning of denial, Rossy utters ” I,m as frustrated as a dwarf playing basketball”.

I know it is not PC but hell it is good fun. Pick it up, you will read it in a couple of hours.

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