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Jason’s Gold by Will Hobbs

Jason’s Gold by Will Hobbs. Pub. Morrow Junior Books, 1999

Will Hobbs is an adventure writer par excellence, who ranks with Gary Paulson as one of the best writers for reluctant boy readers. There is nothing namby pamby about his books they are good solid adventure stories with good human values. They put young kids both boys and girls in pressure situations, which they deal with and come through better for it.

This is a story of the Klondike Gold rush and a brilliant tale it is too. Jack London would be proud of this story.

Jason is a New York boy selling newspapers when word of the Alaskan goldrushes hits the news. He heads off to Seattle to catch up with his brothers who have already headed for the goldfields. After stowing away on a ship headed for Alaska, Jason finds himself ill prepared for the rigors of the frozen world of Alaska and it’s promised El Dorado.

As Jason heads north he meets a Canadian girl and even runs into Jack london himself a a few historical characters to boot. The adventure and story are outstanding.

Hobbs tells the real story of the gold rush and the real winners and losers of this historical event. There is action aplenty and if you are like me you can put yourself in Jason’s position and decide how you would have handled it all.

All Wiil Hobbs’ books are worth it, there is even a sequel to this. Suitable Intermediate Junior Secondary.

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