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Earthgirl by Jennifer Cowan

Earthgirl by Jennifer Cowan. Pub. Groundwood Books, 2009

Sabine is a teenage schoolgirl who is into shopping and thinks little of the world around her.  One day as she is riding her bike downtown to meet her friends Carmen and Ella a woman sitting in a car throws a plum flavoured chicken takeaway meal out the window and all over Sabine.

People see this happening and so Sabine is thrown into action, out of embarrassment, and the action is filmed, downloaded onto Youtube and she becomes a local celebrity. Every girls dream.

The event sets her thinking about the environment and what people can do to solve the problems the World is having with global warming. pollution etc. She starts to wax on about green issues on her Facebook account, there is talk of truffula trees, thneeds and bar-ba-loots and “friends” react to it.

She changes job from the Gap to an organic food shop and meets a drop dead gorgeous boy who is in a band and holds strong green sentiments himself. Sabine is in heaven.

But how long will it last. She starts to conflict with her throw away girl friends, and then the tone of her “friends”Facebook comments start to get sinister and the argument turns to  radicalism.

Is breaking the law ever justified? What do you do when rational argument changes nothing? Read it to find out what happens.

Not many novels I read are set in Canada like this one and it is very refreshing as are the Facebook entries and reactions.

Will appeal to teenagers who are more up with modern language than I am.

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