Real Life by Ella West

Real Life by Ella West. Pub. Longacre Press, 2009

The conclusion to the Thieves Trilogy but is it the end of stories about Nicky?

Nicky is a “traveller”. She can think about a place or a person and travel there. This skill has her picked up by a secretive organisation called “The Project”.

In the first two books, Thieves and Anywhere but here, five teenagers with similar skills are trained by the “Project” to do both good and dubious missions. At by the end of book two they have discovered that an airplane  navigation organisation called Oarship, have been responsible for a number of air accidents around the globe. Could there be a terrorist link?

This book has to sort out the Oarship situation as well as giving Nicky and her colleagues a life. Much of this book is directed at the latter and only the last 50 or so pages are directed at the Oarship problem. The action is lively and the ending is satisfactory.

A good conclusion to a wonderful idea. I did feel there was more to offer from this idea of the “travellers”, and from Nicky and her friends.

You don’t have to have read books 1 & 2 to understand this book but it is wise to, they are no hardship. Aimed at teenage and Intermediate school readers, from a good New Zealand writer.

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