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The Adventures of Nanny Piggins by R.A. Spratt

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins by R.A.Spratt. Pub. Random House, 2009

This book is just brilliant! I read it with a continuous smile on my face because while it is aimed at Junior readers from 8years old to 11 years old, there are enough in house adult jokes to laugh over.

It is an old fashioned “shaggy dog” story, well several of them really, and it is great to read humour, which has been lacking in children’s literature of late.

Nanny Piggins is a pig, of course, who has run away from the circus as she is sick of being fired out of a cannon, in spite of being the star of the show.

She applies for the job of nanny to Derrick, Samantha and Michael Green. Their father is a morally bankrupt lawyer who lacks a sense of humour, is totally stressed, and is a miser to boot.

Nanny Piggins loosens the whole family up with range of adventures with the co-operative children, from bunking school, visiting an art museum, hiding a Russian bear, capturing a burglar and eating mountains of chocolate.

R.A. Spratt is an Australian writer and if she writes other Nanny Piggins books as good as this then she is going to be in the money. I will certainly read them. While this book is not politically correct it is heaps of fun and as far as I am concerned the more fun there is in reading the better.

Suitable for junior readers and older readers who want a laugh. A great classroom read-a-loud for years 3/4/5.

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