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The Loblolly Boy by James Norcliffe

The Loblolly Boy by James Norcliffe. Pub. Allen&Unwin, 2009.

This novel won the Junior Fiction Award at the NZ Post Book Awards.

Margaret Mahy said of this book “Children’s literature is about to be enriched with a new classic”, and I do believe she is right.

James Norcliffe has written a most original story that will keep the reader captivated from beginning to end. It is an entrant in this years NZ Post Book Awards and I am picking that it will end up in the winners circle.

A loblolly boy is invisible to everyone except “sensitives” and “collectors”. He can fly, doesn’t eat, and doesn’t get affected by the weather. There is only one, but there have been many versions of him over the years. Now it is Michael’s turn and he doesn’t like it one bit.

Before Michael was duped into changing into the Loblolly boy, he was living in an orphanage and had a dreadfully sad life. At first being a loblolly boy had it’s attractions but these were rapidly replaced with loneliness.

Enter Captain Bass and his telescope that can show the future.  This gives the Loblolly boy hope and a mystery to solve. The plot is brilliant and surprises you with it’s twists and turns.

James Norcliffe relates the story with language that will make you wish you had paid more attention at school.

Simply wonderful.

Aimed at Junior and Intermediate school children, and would make a great read-a-loud for a classroon teacher.

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