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Blood of the Lamb: The Crossing by Mandy Hager

Blood of the Lamb: The Crossing by Mandy Hager. Pub. Random House, 2009

Writing a novel about a post apocalyptic world is not a new theme for a New Zealand novelist of teenage fiction. Fleur Beale’s Juno of Tanis , Bernard Beckett’s Genesis and Anna MacKenzie’s Sea-Wrecked Stranger, come to mind in recent times.

This finalist for the NZ Post Book Awards is quite different. It is set in the Pacific Islands a place where the church and the word of the Minister of the Church are all powerful.

Maryam is a young girl of 15 years who has not yet reached puberty and is as trusting and innocent as you can get.  Mandy Hager  puts her in a position where everything she has held as true, is now seen as being sinister, all her beliefs are shattered, and her view of the world completely overturned. How will she cope?

The rulers of this island paradise have perverted the teachings of the bible to form a Blood of the Lamb religion in which all girls upon reaching puberty are sent to the Holy City to serve the Lord. Oh what a shock they have in store!

The Holy City is a cruise ship that has been anchored outside the reef after The Tribulation  has destroyed the world as we know it. Those that run the Holy City need blood and offspring, and girls when they arrive are divided into either bleeders or breeders.

Maryam experiences some humiliation and then escapes. Will she find support? Can she convince the people, who are heavily indoctrinated, that what they are supporting is evil? What has happened to the world outside the Islands?

You will have to read this thrilling story to find out, and believe me it is compulsive reading. I can’t wait for the next part of this Blood of the Lamb Trilogy.

Suitable for teenage readers.

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