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Ebony Hill by Anna MacKenzie

Ebony Hill by Anna MacKenzie. Pub. Longacre, 2010.

At the end of Sea-Wreck Stranger Ness has taken to sea with Dev, the man she nursed back to health, and caused conflict within the close island community in which she lived.

She now lives in the ruins of the city of Vidya where survivors of the holocaust that devastated the world now eke a living. The city is described a lot like Wellington.

Dev is still around but is involved in research at sea to ascertain the safety of fish species for future human use. Ness herself is uncertain of what the future holds for her and decides to go to farming community called Ebony Hill which provides the toxic city of Vidya with produce.

Ronan a boy Ness’s age goes with her as does a close friend Esha. All seems cosy and controlled but then the action starts. A para military group attacks the Ebony Hill farm complex and surrounding farms that threatens civilisation that has already been through hell.

Why does humankind do this? I have never read a book about the future that sees humankind in a positive light. Always there is a battle over power and resources. Why do we resort to war and it’s horrors so easily? These of course are some of the themes that Anna MacKenzie explores in this sequel to Sea Wreck Stranger, and while it is dark, there is a positive ending. Perhaps all is not lost.

Survival in war is another theme, as is the future of Ness and her friends who are teenagers after all without the freedom of choice that todays teens have. The contrast is marked.

Suitable Intermediate students upwards. Perhaps there will be another book. There are some loose ends to tie up and explore. I hope there is.

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