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Homelanders series Book 2: The Long Way Home by Andrew Klavan

The Long Way Home by Andrew Klavan. Pub. Thomas Nelson, 2010.

Whew! Just finished this in two sittings and it is action writing at it’s best. Boys are going to love this second book in the Homelanders series and sequel to The Last thing I remember reviewed earlier on this blog.

Charlie West was tried and convicted of the murder of his former best friend Alex. He has also been captured, tortured and escaped from and an   Islamic terrorist group called the Homelanders. He is wanted by the terrorist group and by the police but he cannot remember a thing about it.

All this happened in the last book and this book develops the plot along the way but does not provide all the answers that the reader demands. Who are these terrorists? If Charlie didn’t kill Alex who did? Why can’t he remember anything? How can you have a relationship with a tidy bit of tackle like Beth and not remember a thing?

Alex knows the answer to these questions lies in the past, in his old home town and so he makes his way back there with the police and the Homelanders in hot pursuit. There he meets up with Beth and his old friends and tries to solve the riddle.

Brilliant action which at times is dulled down by Klavan’s discussion of what is freedom and liberty and does it exist in America?  Can America always be right and its enemies always be wrong?  Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? But it doesn’t matter the action is enough.

Great reading for boys in particular who have loved the Alex Rider series and Robert Muchamores Cherub series.

Wide appeal from Intermediate and High School students. Part 3 The Truth of the Matter is out in November 2010.

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