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LIAR by Justine Larbalestier

LIAR by Justine Larbalestier. Pub. Allen&Unwin, 2009.

This is one of the most readible books you will ever come across because of the plot and the way the book is structured.

Micah is by her own confession a liar. She says it runs in the family history, but it is not the only surprise that runs in the family. She is part American black, part white folk and is quite obsessed by this because of her condition. She is 17 and takes birth control pills to stop menstruating.

Micah goes to an alternative school and is reviled by the other students because she tells so many lies. But why the lies? Micah tells this story and she berates the reader for falling for all her lies. It is a brilliant technique.

Unbeknown to the other students, Micah has an after school relationship with Zach, one of the most popular boys, with whom she meets to go running in Central Park New York City. Zach dies in mysterious circumstances and Micah’s world and the world of the students at her school implodes.

How did he die? What is Micah’s condition? Why does she lie?

Told in three parts- part 1 Telling the truth, Part 2 Telling the true truth and Part 3 The Actual Real truth. Each part has three types of chapter, Firstly life Before the death of Zach, Life After the death and Thirdly Micah’s Family History.

This is an engrossing read which will thrill you till the end from a Five Star book. Get it and read it.

Great appeal to Secondary students and lovers of Stephenie Myer books who want something really meaty.

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