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The Last Days of Summer by Valerie Hobbs

The Last days of summer by Valerie Hobbs. Pub. Francis Foster Books, 2010.

A lovely story this.

Lucy and her friend Megan are going to be in seventh grade after the summer break. Megan tells her how it is important to be popular in the new school year because being popular changes your life. But what makes you popular?

Over the summer Lucy, or Luz as she wants to be called, spends the summer at a cabin by a lake, with her grandmother. Grams, as she is called, is aware that she is starting to forget things and this summer with Lucy changes everything for both of them.

Into both Lucy and Grams lives comes the character of Eddie, a Down’s Syndrome boy, who will also be going to the same school as Lucy and Megan. At first Lucy resents her association with Eddie, but after Eddie makes his way to the the cabin where Lucy is spending time with her Grams, this too changes.

I love the honesty of this story. Grams is asked about mistakes in her life by Lucy to which she replies “I made lots of mistakes. By the time I had figured it all out, I was old”. Grams is a mine of wisdom and the interaction between her and young Luz is outstanding eg “first kisses are seldom good” and It is better to be yourself than popular. Lucy listens and learns.

Home spun philosophy at it’s best.

Suitable for school years Five to eight. I enjoyed it and so will you.

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