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Monster Republic by Ben Norton

Monster Republic by Ben Norton. Pub. Corgi Books, 2010.

This is book one in what promises to be a brilliant action/adventure/science fiction series for reluctant readers particularly boys of Intermediate to Junior secondary level.

I was blown away by the thrilling action and the unique idea.

Dr Lazarus Fry is a monster of a doctor. He is the equivalent of the mad scientist and he is a modern day Frankenstein. He is working on the Trinity Project in which he uses human beings to create his dreams of a super species using animals and technology.

Cameron is a high school student who goes out with the best looking girl in the school. He is the captain of the football team and while visting a nuclear power plant as part of a school trip, a bomb goes off and the next thing he is aware of, he is waking up in a laboratory of Dr Fry, strapped to his bed and a fuzzy feeling in his head and body.

Cameron’s body has been replaced with electronic arms legs etc that are superbly strong, but he still has his original brain. He knows nothing about what’s happened to him.

Then he is broken free from his bed by Rora, a fox looking girl who moves rapidly and who tells him to escape with her. Confused, he follows in a thrilling escape and finds himself with a group called The Monster Republic.

This group are the rejects of all Dr Fry’s experiments and they live beneath the city. They have escaped and formed a close group determined to get revenge on the mad doctor. These rejects are monsters themselves but once they were humans.

I can tell you no more, but the action is brilliant and the climax of this story is nail biting. I can’t wait for book two as there is much to this story left to come.

There is more to this story than the action, it is about how a group works and makes decisions no matter what the composition of  it’s members. Simply a brilliant story.

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