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Boldprint. Most Valuable Player by Mary Jennifer Payne. Pub.Rubicon, 2010

This is one of a series of graphic novels from Australia that have been produced in consultation with Literacy Consultants and thematically linked to a non fiction title for reluctant readers and readers who may struggle to find to find a novel that suits their needs. The non fiction title that goes with this text is reviewed immediately below this.

Ashley plays for her neighbourhood basketball team and is used as a supersub to break open a game. There are rivalries within the team and some resentment. When Ashley’s mentor is mugged in a rough neighbourhood, some members of her team plan to take revenge on the basketball team from that neighbourhood and coincidentally their next opponents.

Ashley must decide whether to go along with the revenge or stand up against crime in her community.

A great series for reluctant and low vocabulary readers. The stories are good and links to being socially responsible are a plus.

Hoops by Ben Katz & Debbie Nyman. Pub Rubicon, 2010.

This is the non fiction thematic link that looks at the game of basketball giving the rules and terminology of the game. It also looks at current players Yao Ming (the great wall of China) and Lauren Jackson(current Australian player) plus one of the games legends Michael Jordan.

In addition it tells the reader how to prepare for a basketball game and gives the reader a reason to play. It is an enthusiastic look at the game which when used with the graphic novel above is an ideal resource for the classroom teacher of Intermediate and junior high school level.

The pictures and the presentation of facts and other information are excellent.

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