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This Way up by Lindsay Wood

This Way Up by Lindsay Wood. Pub.HarperCollins, 2010.

This is a first novel and a very  good one at that because it is about a fat boy who is forced to change his life and does so.

Corey is behind his computer  playing games every chance he gets. He is like a couched potato, over eats and can barely get up his drive way without getting puffed out. His mother decides to take drastic action and threatens to cut his broadband link unless he does something about it and gets involved in some active sport.

Corey doesn’t like sport but decides to take a look at the school orienteering team because it is about reading maps. His team mates greet him in a variety of ways, some are cynical, some are supportive others are positively mocking because of his size.

Corey has to ride it all with the help of a supportive teacher who has a disability himself but Corey if he is to win over his colleagues and do himself justice, has to approach things differently and not expect miracles.  Achieving goals is not simple – “you gotta pay your dues if you want to sing the blues, and you know it don’t come easy” Corey finds this out and a positive ending results.

I have never understood orieteering as a sport and the bonus of reading this book is that I now do. In the back are the rules, skills and tactics of orienteering and a piece on The Foundation for Youth Development in New Zealand.

An easy read for Intermediate and High school students.

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