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Halo by Zizou Corder

Halo by Zizou Corder. Pub. Puffin, 2010.

Reading this book was a refreshing change after all the realism I had been reading.

It is set in the world of Ancient Greece in which humans, gods and mythical beasts interact.

Halo was washed up on a beach as a baby. She had a tattoo between her eyebrows and a golden owl necklace around her neck but no other clue as to who she is or where she comes from. This information is essential in Ancient Greece otherwise people treat you as a nobody and a slave.

Halo is found and named by the mythical beasts Centaurs ansd she grows up amongst them happy and contented.

She is then captured along with her Centaur friend Arko, and spends the rest of the book amongst the Spartans and the Athenians disguised as a boy and searching for her true identity.

Written by the mother daughter duo who wrote Lion Boy and Lee Raven, Boy Thief, this book is an historical adventure story  and it gives a great portrayal of life in Sparta and the contrast with Athens under the great Pericles. The Athens/Sparta wars are also described.

Suitable for intermediate and junior secondary students.

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