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Atherton Series Part 3 The Dark Planet by Patrick Carman

The Dark Planet by Patrick Carman. Pub. Little, Brown and Company, 2010.

A stunning finish to the Atherton Series that began with The House of Power and Rivers of Fire. The positive ending gives us all hope for the future of planet Earth.

To recap the plot so far. Atherton is a three tiered planet made by mad Scientist but genius, Dr Marcus Harding. This world is inhabited by humans from the Dark Planet, a polluted planet on it’s death throes.

Dr Harding had an ingenious plan that started with Atherton evolving into a flat shaped planet with a giant lake in the middle and the human power structure on the planet changing due to the positive influence of children. Without giving too much away this takes you up to the end of the Rivers of Fire.

The main characters in this series are Edgar, an intelligent boy with a logical mind and an ability to climb anything. Isobel his friend who is brave, good with a slingshot and clever. Dr Luther Kincaid an old man of science and mentor to Dr Harding.

In this final part Edgar travels to the Dark Planet to solve the mystery and reas0n for Atherton, while Isobel and Samuel travel to the heart of Atherton to release the powerful dragon Gossamer that is to play a crucial part in the gripping conclusion.

The action is thrilling and  suspenseful with the conclusion all you would have wanted and more. To say anything else would ruin it for you. Get out and read it!

Suitable for Intermediate through to junior secondary. The ideas in this novel can be complicated and ingenious, so true science fiction fans will be thrilled by this novel, which is one of the best scifi ideas in the past 10 years.

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