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The Billionaire Trilogy Book 1: The Billionaire’s Curse by Richard Newsome

The Billionaire’s Curse by Richard Newsomw. Pub. Text Publishing Coy, 2009.

This was the winner of the Esther Glen Award in 2010 by a new Zealand born writer now living in Australia. I say this because this book came from nowhere to win from a writer I’ve not heard of. Now I have.

Why did it win? Quite simply because it is a ripping good yarn, very well told.

The book opens with the theft of a the Noor Jehan diamond from the reading room of the British Museum which leaves a policeman on the floor with two rose stem sticking out his bottom. Well I say! this is definitely not British, or perhaps it is.

The story then shifts to every kids dream. Gerald is an ordinary 13 year old lad until he discovers that his great aunt Geraldine has gone and snuffed it and left him more than a billion pounds. Did she snuff it or was she killed? if she was killed who was it and why?

Gerald has to fight off greedy relatives, a mysterious thin man, a one eyed Major and a host of eccentric British characters who staff the stately homes of England, and members of that fine old British institution the Private Gentleman’s Club.

Fortunately Gerald has help from Sam and Ruby who have a bit of the Famous Five about them. The adventures they have solving the whereabouts of the diamond have a bit of Indiana Jones about them.

It was refreshing to read an old fashioned story like this and to read Richard newsome taking the water out of the British. Great fun.

Middle school in appeal and remember this is just book one.

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