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Chronicles of Blood: Empire of the Undead

Empire of the Undead by Gary Cross. Pub.Puffin Books, 2010.

Just when you thought that it was safe to go into your library because of all the vampire books, another series comes out.

I thought I was over vampires after Twilight, Trueblood and Darren Shan but then this series by New Zealander Gary Cross came to my attention.

Fortunately Gary Cross has introduced an historical dimension by basing his stories on the high seas, in Mexico and on the pilgrims that settled America in 1666.

In brief Mary Shire has become a vampire and turned into one of the undead byFather Baldwin an evil man who wants to rip the throat out of every human he can sink his teeth into. Mary’s brother Peter and a vampire slayer Lucius chase the boat load of vampires across the Atlantic to destroy them.

At the same time Spanish Conquistador Capt Romero and his men are seeking gold in the Aztec Empire in Mexico where vampires have also taken root.

Throw in pirate Henry Morgan and you have a bloodthirsty story that will curdle your blood.

If you like vampire stories with lots of action, blood and a bit of history sink your teeth into this home grown series.

Suitable secondary students and some intermediate.

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