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The Juno Series Book 2 – Fierce September by Fleur Beale.

Fierce September by Fleur Beale. Pub. Random House, 2010.

I waited a long time for this sequel to Juno of Taris to come out and I wasn’t disappointed.

The domed island of Taris was in danger of collapsing at the end of the first book, both physically, and through divisions amongst it’s 500 inhabitants. These divisions are rapidly forgotten as they hurriedly leave Taris on a boat before being hit by an advancing storm.

They are taken to Aotearoa  whose population has been reduced to one million by a series of pandemics that have ravaged the world. On arrival they are greeted with hostility and are housed together in one building. They realize immediately that the closed rigid social structure and community that existed on Taris will not be able to work in Aotearoa.

The man who evacuated the Tarians from Taris, Willem, becomes an important friend to them. However there is a subversive element within Aotearoa that is conducting a hate campaign via the internet, against Juno and her fellow Tarians.

Things come to a crisis when a new pandemic breaks out and the Tarians are accused of bringing it to Aotearoa. Did they bring it? If not where did it come from? Who hates the Tarians so much that they want to destroy them? How will Juno and her friends cope in an alien culture? Why are people scared of the talent possessed by Hera, Juno’s 2 year old sister?

This book cleverly sets up a third book, at least I hope it does, as there are some unanswered questions at the end of this novel.

Cleverly written in short chapters by one of New Zealand’s best writers of children and Young Adult literature. At the end of each chapter is a blogspot by which readers can access and discuss what has happened. Just to give you ideas Fleur Beale writes several lines of gossip that haven’t come out in the narrative, for the reader to contemplate.

As with the first book this is also narrated by Juno. Get in and read it.

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