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Losing it edited by Keith Gray

Losing it edited by Keith Gray. Pub. Anderson Press, 2010.

This is an excellent collection of short stories for teenagers from eight of Britain’s best authors of children and Young Adult books.

It covers the topic of losing your virginity, not so much the act itself, but the circumstances leading up to it. Believe me the diversity of stories from these great writers will leave you spellbound and teenagers will just be clambouring to read them.

Keith Gray tells a football story. A story of a boy who has to choose between a cup final game and a promise from the hottest chick in town.

Jenny Valentine tells a hugely funny story of a grandmother who brings up the subject of sex at a family Sunday dinner for her granddaughter’s 16th birthday.

Melvin Burgess again breaks all the taboos with a racey story of a young year 10 student who chats up a year 13 girl by wooing her with poetry and then has the time of his life.

Patrick Ness talks about latent homosexuality in a story where all the bad words are blacked out.

Mary Hooper tells the saddest story of a young girl forced into losing it through economiuc circumstances in a past era.

Sophie McKenzie looks at a boy and girl who have made their minds up to do it but things change as the act and situation evolve.

Bali Rai gives a different cultural perspective where a mistake and misunderstanding can end in the loss of a girl’s life.

Anne Fine finishes the collection with a comparison of todays kids who know everything and nothing and the way things were in her day when the only contraceptive was fear.

Obviously secondary level but something here for everybody.

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