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Somebody Everybody Listens To by Suzanne Supplee

Somebody Everybody listens To by Suzanne Supplee. Pub. Dutton Books, 2010.

This could have been a “rags to riches story” but thankfully it isn’t, Suzanne Supplee is too classy for that. It is a story about never giving up on your dreams and it is about country and western music.

Retta Lee Jones, (great name) is just out of High School. She lives with a daddy that works too hard, and a momma that just wants to have a fun life. Retta is the meat in the sandwich but is blessed with a great singing voice. She is well versed in country music – white man’s soul Ray Charles calls it, and wants to go to Nashville and try her luck. So she does.

Nashville needs another country girl singer like Hugh Hefner needs another Bunny girl and the city is full of users, con men, muggers and sexual predators, but there are some nice folks as well. Retta meets them all.

How will Retta cope? Read it and find out because this is a great story, in fact it would be a great country and western song.

A beautifully written novel,  similar to the last book I read by Supplee, Artichokes Heart, reviewed below. Each chapter is a song title by a Country singer and before each chapter is a short Bio of the singer of the song. The artists range from the great Patsy Cline and Hank Williams through to Taylor Swift and New Zealand’s own Keith Urban.

This is a hopeful story, a funny story a moving story, a music story. You are just gonna love it. Retta is a great character who wants to be “somebody, everybody listens to”. She deserves it.

High school students and young adults.

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