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Annexed by Sharon Dogar

Annexed by Sharon Dogar. Pub.Anderson Press, 2010.

This is a novel in two parts. The first part is life for Anne Frank, her familyand all nine people who lived in the Annex between July 13 1942 till 4 August 1944. It is told by Peter van Pels, who is known as Peter vn Daan in Anne’s diary, as he lies in the sick bay waiting for death in Mauthausen Death Camp.

Peter is 15 and he tells his version of the story of life inside the annex based on Anne’s diary.

It portrays Anne as a talkative girl with incredible passions and a sense of the importance of the diary she is leaving behind.”Somebody must tell our story”

It is the love/hate relationship between Anne and Peter that turned to love that is the core of the story as both realise what their fate may be. Anne wants to experience everything in life and Peter fears that he will die before he makes love to a girl. In the cramped circumstances of the annex they do find time for each other and it is this relationship that kept me going as a reader. It is beautiful.

Anne and Peter discuss many questions. Why don’t we fight? Why should God save us when he hasn’t saved so many? Will you still be Jewish after it is all over? Oh to have a choice.

The second part is the imagined life of Peter, based on historical recounts of life in the death camps, and it is too horrible to talk about. “Is anybody listening”  cries Peter. You will have to read it yourself as everybody should.

The only comforting thing I can say is that Anne’s father survived the camps and when he read Anne’s diary he found it difficult to relate to the daughter he knew. Do we ever know our children he asked?

Plenty to think about here. And should any writer tamper with a classic story like that of Anne Frank? In this instance yes. It is necessary that we know what Anne went through after the family were discovered.

An incredible story of the boy who loved Anne Frank.

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