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Good Oil by Laura Buzo

Good Oil by Laura Buzo. Pub. Allen & Unwin, 2010.

A superb romance this, nothing tacky or sugary about this realistic novel of first love.

Amelia is 15 years old, she is intelligent, witty, thoughtful and longs for a meaningful relationship. She gets an after school job as a checkout operator at Woolworths, the House of Dreams. On her first day she is shown the “ropes”  by a 20 year old university student Chris, a gregarious lad who has a chequered love life.

Amelia loves talking to him and he always makes himself available to her, even encouraging her to take part in staff visits to the pub and staff parties. Amelia’s feelings for him grow until she agonizes over seeing him and fantasizes about a relationship with him.

Chris in turn has a broken relationship of his own to contend with and an unrequited relationship with a girl his own age who doesn’t want to know. One night at a drunken party something happens and Amelia is in heaven and that’s all I’m going to tell you.

There is a lot of family stuff in this book also and some literary discussions between Amelia and Chris that raise the intellectual content of the story.

I for one adored this story and read it in one day. You will to. Teenage romance can be so cumbersome and corny, this novel is not. One of the best romances I have read, from an Australian writer who I will look for again.

High school students and older readers will enjoy this novel.

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