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Glimmerglass by Jenna Black Pt 1 of Faeriewalker series.

Glimmerglass by Jenna Black. Pub. Mainstream Pub. 2009.

This a new series about paranormal romance and urban fantasy from a writer I haven’t read before.

Dana Hathaway is 16yrs old, she has an alcoholic mother and they have moved from city to city, from school to school, to stay out of reach of Dana’s father. Why?

Dana’s father comes from the faerie world and he is a powerful Fae who is embroiled in a power struggle between the two groups that rule the Faerie world, the Seelie and the Unseelie. The world they inhabit is Avalon, a world built around a mountain with caves and caverns underneath.

Dana runs away from home to find her father and runs into trouble as soon as she crosses into Avalon. She is kidnapped by two different groups before being rescued by her father.

The Fae, as the inhabitants of Avalon are called, are strikingly handsome or beautiful and look years younger than they are. Dana meets the sweet talking Ethan and his sister Kimber and here lies the romance of the story.

There is a struggle going on and Dana being of half human and half Fae birth, is what is called a Farerie Walker with powers that both sides of the struggle want to control.But the rule in Avalon is that “We belong to the Court of our parents”. How true this is. An interesting aside is that it gives an explanation as to what happened to the Princes in the Tower that disappeared in Richard III’s reign.

This book sets up the scenario for the next books in this series, the second book  Shadowspell is already out.

Will appeal to those that liked Twilight and similar series.

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