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The Legacy by Gemma Malley

The Legacy by Gemma Malley. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2010.

This is the final part of a series that began with The Declaration and The Resistance and has been one of my favourite series because basically it examines the social implications and ethics of living for ever. If given the chance how many people would want to live for ever?

In the Declaration we learn of a drug marketed by a firm called Pincent Pharma that allows the body to renew itself so that you never die. People in return for the drug sign a declaration that they surrender the right to have children. Some people opt out and some children are born illegally. Two such people are Anna and Peter and these two characters are involved in all developments in the plot.

In book 2  The resistance we learn of opposition to the drug and the firm that is marketing it. The underground movement attempts to break down the hold that Pincent Pharma has on the world. A world in which there are no children, there is little social interaction and those opposed are ruthlessly dealt with. We learn that children born illegally are farmed for their stem cells in order to continue production of Longevity the drug that everybody takes to stay young.

The Legacy takes you back to the development of the drug and we learn that the real inventor did not want it marketed because it interfered with the “circle of nature” and he refused to give the formula for the drug. He did however have a sample of the drug stolen and it was from this sample that the drug was developed.

Over a hundred years has passed since everybody signed the Declaration and society has changed. The Legacy analyses the nature of relations people have in these times of longevity. Do people form life long relationships? How do they fill their time? Perhaps the demands of eternity are too much!

Then people started dieing. I will tell you no more except to say you will be enthralled by what develops.

High school readers and above. A great idea well told.

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