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Organ Music by Margaret Mahy

Organ Music by Margaret Mahy. Pub. Gecko Press, 2010.

Margaret Mahy is arguably New Zealand’s finest writer of children’s books. The Haunting and The Changeover both achieved international acclaim and in my opinion were her best novels.

When I saw this title I assumed that it was a new book and looked forward to seeing if Margaret Mahy still produced the goods. Alas I was misled. It turns out to be a novel she wrote in 1997 for the Surfers series called Operation Terror.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good high interest story with all the brilliance with words and plot  that Margaret Mahy can muster. But it is not a new novel and I think the reader should have been told.

To cut  a short story long, Harley and David, two teenage boys are walking through a rough area of town when they come upon a car with keys in the ignition. They nick the car only to find that it has in fact nicked them.

They are taken to a research institute in the middle of a forest where an unscrupulous Doctor wants to remove their body organs for use by more deserving citizens. Much to talk about here.

Margaret Mahy combines science fiction with fantasy in a situation that probably happens in places like India, and tells an exciting yarn in less than a 100 pages.

Still worth purchasing if you don’t have it already and will be eagerly read by middle and intermediate school students.


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