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Almost True by Keren David

Almost True by Keren David. Pub. Francis Lincoln Children’s Books, 2010.

This is the thrilling sequel to When I Was Joe which is reviewed earlier on this blog.

It centres on the murder of a young black lad in London that was witnessed by the main character, Ty aka Joe aka Jake and now Ty again. Ty agrees to testify in court against his old friend Aaron and his gangster associates and along with his mother Nikki and gran are put on the witness protection scheme. Changing lives proves too much for any of them and the first book ends in tragedy.

The relationships that Ty made as Joe in When I was Joe still dominate his thinking especially that with Claire to whom he sent an email confessing that he had lied in his statement to the police. What is the nature of the lie?

To complicate matters and to set the scene on the nature of Ty’s upbringing, Keren David brings in Ty’s father Danny and his whole family and Ty finds out things that he never thought possible.

For most of the book Ty is suffering from Traumatic stress disorder and suffers from fits of hallucination and violence. He is an intelligent lad but the whole scenario has made him angry, uncooperative and anti social, his health deteriorates and he makes some very unwise decisions. This of course brings him into severe danger from the thugs who are looking for him.

Keren David once again exposes the social deterioration of urban areas in Britain and the effect that it has on children and the general population. The drugs, the knives , the violence and the feelings of hopelessness and dispair that nothing can be done to stop it.

A high interest book that is long but reluctant readers once they start will not be able to put it down. Easy to read short chapters with hooks to keep you going, mean this will be a popular novel for young men in particular.

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