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Ronnie’s War by Bernard Ashley

Ronnie’s War by Bernard Ashley. Pub. Francis Lincoln Books, 2010.

This is the story of Ronnie Warren, who hates to be called “bunnie”, and who grew up in England during World War 2.

It starts with “The Blitz” as German bombers tried to blast Britain into submission and how Ronnie, who was 11 years old at the time, and his mother survived. It wasn’t easy and Ronnie is evacuated up north where the locals give Ronnie a hard time.  They survived until news of Ronnie’s father going “missing presumed dead” changes everything.

Ronnie’s mum takes a job at an Airbase with the Americans and Ronnie meets the lovely Evie who makes him fizz. Back to London for V.E. Day and hopefully a better life.

Bernard Ashley clearly has some affection for home life in World War 2 and his descriptions of the bombings, of life at school and of the social and economic life of the times is told in almost glowing terms. People struggled with adversity and by sticking together came through it. It is a life long gone but never to be forgotten.

An easy read and a very good one. You will not get a better potrayal of home life World War 2 than this one. Ronnie is also a strong character, he looks after his mum, thinks about others and knows how to handle himself. A good role model for boys and that matters.

Written for middle and Intermediate age children.

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