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Not as crazy as I seem by George Harrar

Not as crazy as I seem by George Harrar. Pub.Houghton Mifflin, 2003.

Just discovered this fantastic novel about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If you read a non fiction book about this subject it would drive you to distraction, but put a real boy in a fiction work and show how it disrupts his own life and those who care for him and you will turn the pages faster than Fernando Alonso drives through a hairpin.

Devon is a likeable 15 year old high school student whose parents are clearly at their wits end over his compulsive behaviour. Devon is obsessively tidy and clean, he arranges things in perfect order, eats the same food in the same place and in the same order everyday. His shirts hang in his wardrobe by colour and with all the buttons done up.

Whats wrong with that you say?

Well Devon feels the same and he defends his actions and habits to a therapist, that his parents insist he see, while standing up. He won’t sit down because others have sat in the chair before him and made it unclean.

Devon is witty and smart, you will laugh at every encounter he has. But he does have a problem that he is not letting go of and this will out by stories end.

Devon meets Tanya, an African American girl who eats a vanilla ice cream in the same spot every day and she is about to change his life, but not before a troublesome boy called Ben creates havoc and blows Devon’s fragile relationship with his parents and school out of the water.

Absolutely brilliant, you will not stop turning the pages.

Suitable High school and young adult readers. You won’t believe what you are about to read. I think I will read it again.

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