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Hit List by Jack Heath

Hit List by Jack Heath. Pub. Pan Macmillan, 2010.

Put this novel on your list to read if you like action writing akin to Horovitz’s Alex Ryder series or Robert Muchamore’s Cherub series. This guy Jack Heath is young he is techno and he writes a cunning plot with plenty of action.

This novel has two main characters. Ashley and Ben who are about 17 years old and not interested in each other at all. Ha! if you believe that then you better get out more. They work for a shady character called Hammond Buckland who employs them to steal precious artifacts and return them at a price to their rightful owners.

The opening section is called Hit List 1 and it involves going down a coal mine to locate a box in which of all things is Van Gogh’s ear. In the mine Ashley comes in contact with a character known as The Ghost. Who is the Ghost and why does he/she turn up at all Ash and Ben’s operations.

The second part involves retrieving a special computer hard drive from the Public library and in the middle of the action they receive a help call from someone or something called Alice B. This leads to the final action in the Google building and boy is it riveting reading.

Then there is a psychopath called  Peachy looking for Ash and Ben, an obsessed detective doing the same thing plus a browless man and his off sider who are anybodies guess. There’s trouble at mill aplenty.

I couldn’t put this book down and neither will you. The action and cleverness of the plot will keep you enthralled and make you want  to read one of Jack Heath’s four other novels.

Intermediate and Junior High students will love this novel.

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