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Million-Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica

Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica. Pub. Philomel Books, 2009.

I have al;ways liked a good informative sports story and this is one of them. Mike Lupica in real life is a sports journalist with a column in the New York newspaper The Daily News and appears on the ESPN weekly programe The Sports Reporters.  He clearly loves American football and translates this love into the pages of this story for Intermediate and junior High students.

Nate Brodie is the star quarterback with his High school team. His best friend is Abby a positive young girl who is slowly going blind. This relationship between Nate and Abby is  the heart of this novel but the guts  is the  Grid Iron, the football, the games.

Nate, who is a fan of New England Patriots” quarterback Tom Brady, wins a competition to throw a football through a 20cm hole from 30 meters, to win one million dollars. Will he do it?

Also very important to the plot is “pressure”. Pressure on the field, pressure on friendships and economic pressure on family.  Can Nate and Abby cope?  Both feel pressure and it affects their behaviour.

The novel is unashamedly “as American as mum and apple pie”  and the values it promotes are rock solid. There is not a bad character in the book.

The highlight for me and for boys who like sport was the Grid iron games. They are described by an expert and if you know nothing about American Football or you are a fan, then you’re in for a treat.

The parents of Nate and Abby do everything to keep body and soul together and the coaches are competitive yet caring people. Great role models here.

Lots of positives about this novel. Get out and read it, you will love the grid iron games. And of course there is the ending!!

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