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Ronnie by Ronnie Wood.

Ronnie by Ronnie Wood. Pub. Pan Macmillan, 2007.

I wondered whether I should review this adult book by Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, but then I thought Why Not? The Stones along with The Beatles and the other 60’s bands, were one of the biggest influences in my life. So what did they get up to while I was Getting off of my Cloud?

This 358 page Autobiography tells you what you thought was going on and more. Ronnie Wood provides an insight into what it was like to be a Rolling Stone and the debauched world in which they so often performed.

While it is very candid about his own life as a musician, as a husband and father and as a friend to countless people to whom Ronnie could never say no Ronnie does not blow the gaff on the countless showbiz people he met. There is no “little todger” in this book.

He was generous to a fault and went through several fortunes until his recent antics with a Russian girl have left him in limbo again. This latest fiasco is not covered in the book which ends with Ronnie praising his wife Jo and family for persisting with him and standing by him when he was impossible. He does cover Keef falling out the coconut tree in Fiji.

The book covers his early family life with his dad and mum and brothers Ted and Art up to the end of the Bigger Bang Tour. Ronnie’s early musical career with The Birds, The Jeff Beck Group and the Faces is covered as is the history leading up to his induction into the Rolling Stones. It was Keith that wanted him in as he knew Ronnie could not only play well but could hack the life style, something his predecessor Mick Taylor couldn’t do. But he wasn’t first choice. Who was? There is plenty in this book for the music fans.

It is Ronnie’s relationship with Keith that is at the heart of the story but the real hero is his wife Jo. How did she do it? Ronnie had good intentions, loved his family but had appetites that few could tolerate. The fact that he is still here is remarkable.

I enjoyed this book, it is hardly for children and I Know it’s only Rock and Roll but I like it.

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