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Stolen A letter to my captor by Lucy Christopher

Stolen. A letter to my captor by Lucy Christopher. Pub.Chicken House, 2009.

This is a stunning novel for Young Adult readers. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and what I was reading is one of your worst nightmares.

Gemma is travelling back to England with her parents and she is trying to buy a coffee at Bangkok airport. She notices a young man with startling blue eyes whom she has seen before but does not know where. When she does not have the correct money to buy the coffee this young man called Ty steps in and says “can i buy it for you”. Gemma hesitates  thinks “what harm can it do?”

This proves to be the biggest mistake of her life. The coffee is drugged and the next time she wakes up she is in a shack in the middle of the Australian desert with Ty. Whats more he makes it quite clear to her that she is going to be there for ever. His attitude is “she will eventually accept her fate and the two will live happily together” bound together by the land”

Gemma is only sixteen and Ty is about twenty five and the battle between then is intense and feisty. She fights like a wild cat as you would. She rapidly realises escape is impossible and has to relate to her captor. Then he reveals to her some astonishing news. You will have to read the novel to find out what it is.

Brilliantly written in the first person by Gemma who is writing it as a letter to her captor Ty.

I have never heard of author Lucy Christopher before but believe me she is outstanding. I felt the same way after reading Thursdays Child by Sonya Hartnett. There is a haunting power about her writing that puts this novel in the exceptional catagory.

Do yourself a favour and read this outstanding novel.

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