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Lawn Boy Returns by Gary Paulsen

Lawn Boy Returns by Gary Paulsen. Pub. Wendy Lamb Books, 2010.

Gary Paulsen is a legend in children’s literature especially with books that have appeal for boys. In this sequel to Lawn Boy, he has done it again.

Lawn Boy is twelve years old and his grandfather left him a motor mower when he died. He started mowing lawns to earn some money and business went wild. A stockbroker client invested some of the money he made and hit the jackpot. Suddenly lawn Boy is worth $480,000 and is sponsor of a prize fighter. Through all of this action Gary Paulsen explains in simple terms the basic principles of Capitalism Economics, and boy is it fun.

In this sequel the business expands and Arnold, Lawn Boy’s stockbroker helps him hire staff including lawyers accountants, press agents etc and it drives Lawn Boy crazy. In between time Lawn Boy’s grandmother gets involved and mystery family members come out of the closet looking for a handout. All the perils of being “nouveau riche” are explored  with tongue very much in cheek.

The ending is brilliant although very far fetched as you would expect.

A great yarn, easy to read, less than 100 pages and ideal for the reluctant reader of Intermediate and junior secondary age. You will love it.

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