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Quaky Cat by Diana Noonan/Gavin Bishop

Quaky Cat by Diana Noonan, Illus. Gavin Bishop. Pub. Scholastic, 2010.

During the Canterbury Earthquake many animals especially cats bolted in terror to anywhere safe and Iam sure many humans wished they could do the same. What is not so well known is that many of these animals are still missing. Fortunately Quaky Cat is not one of them.

Two of New Zealand’s finest author/illustrators wrote this lovely story to remember the” big one” and along with Scholastic, the publisher, have donated the profits to two deserving organisations.

Is it a good picture book you ask? Well yes it is!

Diana Noonan’s expressive and lyrical verse catures the terror of the moment plus the magic and miracle of the earthquake through the eyes of a terrified cat who just wants things back as they once were. Everybody in Canterbury felt the same way.

The rock and rolling, the noise, the relief when it finished, plus the damage and disruption when you went outside to see are all described in rhyming verse that children can follow and re-express in their own way.

Gavin Bishop has complimented the written text with a bold orange cat with expressive green eyes. The cat’s face shows terror, determination, amazement at the change to the landscape and joy when she finds Emma, her human friend,again. Gavin Bishop also shows landmark buildings, some of which are now gone, plus rescue and demolition vehicles to create the gravity of the quake.

This picture book is easily accessible to children who will read it over and over again.

For all you adults out there, this is a good piece of memorabilia for the home and to send to friends and family overseas.

The Canterbury quake and the more than 1500 aftershocks is something I will never forget. This book represents it well from a cat’s point of view which is really our own.

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