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The Crocodile Nest by Des Hunt

The Crocodile Nest5 by Des Hunt. Pub.HarperCollins, 2010.

Des Hunt is on a rich vein of form, this is his nineth book and I do believe he is getting better with each book.  This is the sort of novel that boys who are into hunting can get involved with.

Set in both the Coromandel and in North Queensland Australia it involves hunting pigs with a gun and with two dogs and a knife. Tough stuff. It also involves searching for a protected species, the crocodile, and a tough crocodile who has been around for a while called “Crazy Hazel”. A lovely name for a crocodile.

Luke stays with his mother on the Coromandel as she starts a new job. He starts to work for a city woman called Beth who is setting up house near Luke and wants to learn how to set up and work a computer. Luke is a wizz kid with a computer and helps to set Beth up with everything including Internet banking. Then $20,000 goes missing from Beth’s account. Who did it and how?

Luke also meets a hunter called Kev who tells him he looks the spitting image of a man he once knew. Luke puts this to his mother and discovers the father he thought was dead is very much alive and resident in Australia.

Luke Googles information about his father and contacts him. An exe file is sent with a virus attached, and this is linked to the missing $20,000. But who is to blame? Luke crosses the ditch and becomes embroiled in an adventure involving Crazy Hazel as well as getting to know his father.

Great adventure for Intermediate and junior secondary school students. Get in and read this great New Zealand writer. Great cover too!

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