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The Boy who climbed into the moon by David Almond

The Boy who climbed into the moon by David Almond, Illus Polly Dunbar. Pub.Walker Books, 2010.

David Almond is a truely different writer, nobody writes quite like him. He pushes the boundaries in all directions and leaves you spellbound. I have reviewed two of his books in this blog namely My name is Mina and Slog’s Dad but he is most famous for his Carnegie winning novel for children called Skellig.

This novel is a surreal fantasy. He takes an ordinary boy, Paul, who is bored out of his skull with school – a common theme in Almond’s books. Paul lives in the basement flat of a 29 storey building, all that weight of people and building above his head. He decides to bunk school climb up to the top of his building and touch the sky.

He meets and relates to several people on the way up but most importantly Molly who used to be known as Mable. All the people he meets bring out Pauls imagination and get him to think in another way until he utters the profound statement that the moon is not solid but simply a hole in the sky. The rest of the story sets him up to climb into the moon, but what will he find when he gets there?

Lovely story about imagination and whats more Pauls mum and dad go with him. All safe and cozy like.

Beautifully illustrated by Polly Dunbar who provides that splash of colour that makes life so worthwhile.

Not for everyone this story but for those who read it the treat is yours. Middle school to intermediate school in appeal.

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