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Mice by Gordon Reece

Mice by Gordon Reece. Pub.Allen & Unwin, 2010.

Shelley and her mother are victims in life. They call themselves mice because they are timid and people have taken advantage of them. But this is going to stop. There is a saying that “the meek shall inherit the earth” if it is ok by you. In this book the meek take control.

Shelley is 15 years old she is artistic and clever and has had the same group of friends for years. When puberty arrives these same friends turn on Shelley and she is bullied mercilessly so that she has to leave school and be tutored at home.

Shelley’s mother is also artistic and clever. She is married to a lawyer (Shelley’s father) who is less able than her and knows it. When the father finds a younger woman out go Shelley and her mother with the worst kind of divorce settlement.

They survive and buy a cottage in the country and begin what for both of them is an idyllic life.

On the eve of Shelley’s 16th birthday they have an intruder who is drugged to the eyeballs, carries a big knife and wants everything they have got. The mice qualities at first come to the surface in the two women, but the burglar crosses the line and the mice roar.

Brilliant stuff. This is a suspense thriller come psych drama that will have you on the edge of your seat to the end. The writing is brilliant from a new writer to me.

Will appeal to secondary students and young adults. This is a thrilling novel.

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