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Blood of the Lamb Book 3 Resurrection by Mandy Hager

Resurrection by Mandy Hager. Pub. Random House, 2011.

A powerful novel that ends the Blood of the Lamb trilogy.

In the previous two books Maryam, Ruth, Joseph and Lazarus have fled the idyllic Pacific island of Onewere which has been hijacked by a religious cult, Blood of the Lamb, led by the horrible Father Joshua and his equally horrible wife Mother Lilith. They have established their own Ten Commandments and adulterated the scriptures to secure their power and to convince the people that the word of man is really the word of God. How true is this in our world?

Many on the Island of Onewere especially the ruling family suffer from a blood disorder that requires continuous blood transfusions, and Father Joshua and his cohorts literally milk the local population to survive.

Ruth and Maryam were victims of the Blood of the Lamb cult and along with two sons of Brother Joshua, Lazarus and Joseph flee the Island of Onewere in a boat and end up in a country something like New Zealand. A holocaust has isolated the world and a strict regime rules in this country and they discourage immigrants.

Joseph dies of the disease but Maryam discovers a cure for the blood disease exists and can be made from a local plant. Lazarus is saved and Maryam makes her way back to Onwere to help her people and hopefully to end the power of Father Joshua.

It is a formidible battle and not for the feint of heart. Senior stuff this, but there is a love story running through it. The struggle to remove Father Joshua and the cult is brutal and macabre, but the ending is hopeful as it should be.

For those who have not read the first two books The Crossing and Into the Wilderness there is a summary for both in the front of this novel and in the back there is chapter 1 of both books to heighten your interest.

I enjoyed the novel but there is a lot of religious argument that may deter some particularly later in the novel but the action will drag you back in. You are with Maryam and Lazarus all the way.


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