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The Magnificent 12. Book 1. The Call by Michael Grant

The Call by Michael Grant. Pub. HarperCollins Cildrens Books, 2011.

This is book one of what promises to be a popular adventure fantasy series that will appeal to primary and intermediate students with a sense of humour and crazy wit.

This book is set in two time zones. The first is todays world in which 12 year old Mack, who has every phobia imaginable except fear, is bullied by 15 year old dolt Stefan. When Mack saves Stefan’s life he has made a powerful friend.

The second time zone features 12 year old Grimluk who has a wife, a child, two cows and a spoon. Not too bright but aware of his responsibilities. He and his family flee when it is rumoured that the Pale Queen is coming to destroy their land.

Grimluk becomes part of a group of twelve called the  Magnifica who possess the “enlightened puissance” whatever that is, who oppose and defeat the Pale Queen, and imprison her underground for 3000 years.

Grimluk appears in Mack’s world as 3000 years have gone by and the Pale Queen is to be released to start her wicked ways in todays world. Mack it seems has inherited the “enlightened puissance” and his job is to reunite the new Twelve, to oppose and defeat the Pale Queen.

In this book Mack gets the call and sets about putting together the Twelve and his first port of call is Australia.

Thrilling stuff and brilliantly told with a sense of humour that will have you laughing and gasping in horror and delight at the same time. Action aplenty and some goulish creatures as well.

Get in early and grab this book before anybody else. If the rest of the series is like this one it will be hugely popular.

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