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Monster Republic Book 2. The Judas Code by Ben Horton

The Judas Code by Ben Horton. Pub. Corgi Books, imprint Random House 2011.

Wow! This is the second part of an exciting, easy to read, high interest, action sci/fi novel for reluctant readers, particularly boys.

In the first part reviewed earlier in this blog, Cameron a high achiever teenager is maimed in an orchestrated accident and operated on by a mad scientist Dr Lazarus Fry and turned into a bionic super human. Dr Fry has created a whole series of super human beings by injecting them with animal genes and attaching bionic high tech body parts to their bones. His aim is to create an invincible force that will establish and consolidate his power.

Many freaks are created by accident and these “monsters” have escaped and gone underground and now have formed a “Monster Republic” to oppose and expose Dr Fry.

In this novel Cameron discovers his friend Darren has become a victim of Dr Fry and he and his “monster” colleagues do a raid on Fry’s compound to save him and find out information. But Fry is powerful and he has turned society against the “Monsters”.

To incresae the tension there is a traitor amongsy the Republic, a new fiercesome weapon and the Judas Code.

Get in and read it, you will be spellbound. Suitable Intermediate and Junior Secondary readers.

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