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Rich and Mad by William Nicholson

Rich and Mad by William Nicholson. Pub. Egmont, 2010.

A novel about love from a writer who is best known for the fantasy series that started with The Windsinger.

The power of the novel derives from the questions it asks it’s target audience of teenagers. What is love? Will I fall in love? How will I know? Is love the same for boys and girls? Are love and sex the same thing? and most importantly will someone fall in love with me?

Maddy and Richie know each other from school but they are never in their respective sights when it comes to a relationship. Both have more attractive targets and both are barking up the wrong tree. They go through the angst and the embarrassment and learn a lot about the questions asked above.

William Nicholson has taken up a challenge with this topic and I think he has done ok but you may think different. He certainly blows the cover on male sexuality and has some hard hitting things to say eg. boys equate love with sex because they can feel sex and it happens to them without the need to know anything about the other person. Tough stuff.

There are a couple of pages that will make your blood curdle especially towards the end where he deals with the topic of pain and sex. Some will think it is over the top and i guess in a way it is. But overall not a bad story and how else are you going to learn about all this without getting badly hurt?

Definitely secondary and young adult in appeal although junior secondary students will climb over each other to get at it.

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