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The Loblolly Boy and the Sorcerer by James Norcliffe

The Loblolly Boy and the Sorcerer by James Norcliffe. Pub. Random House via Longacre, 2011.

If you like weird novels then this novel is seriously weird and the weirdness really begins with the character of the Loblolly Boy himself.

The Loblolly boy has been a number of boys but there is only one of them. The Loblolly boy has wings and can fly but he is not an angel. He doesn’t feel cold or hunger although he can get tired. Not everybody can see the Loblolly boy but some “sensitives”  can. To my knowledge there have been no Loblolly girls but perhaps there is another story in that thought.

If a Loblolly boy wants to change into an ordinary boy then he needs to find a “sensitive” boy to change places with him, he then assumes the identity of the boy he has changed with.

Ben has been tricked into becoming a Loblolly boy and while he enjoyed it at first he wishes to change back into his old self. The trouble is he does not know the whereabouts of his old family and the boy he changed with has become a horror boy called Benji who everybody hates and who has no intention of changing back.

Loblolly boy, Ben, visits his mentor Captain Bass who sings him a sea shanty introducing characters , the Jugglers, the Gadget man and the Sorcerer, who are supposed have a bearing on his future. Will they be able to help him to achieve his goal or will they wreck his chances forever? A magical telescope holds the key to his chances of success.

It may be weird but it is imaginatively written and has an exciting plot. Not for everybody but I think it is better than the first book titled The Loblolly Boy.

Will appeal to committed fantasy readers and to children of Intermediate and middle primary school. I liked it funnily enough.

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