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Guys Read. Funny Business. Edited by Jon Scieszka

Funny Business. Edited by Jon Scieszka. Pub. Walden Pond Press, imprint HarperCollins, 2010.

If you really want reluctant boy readers to read, a good start is to give them short stories especially by a group of very good writers. This is such a book.  All the stories are funny, bizarre, or zany,  qualities that make them popular with reluctant boy readers.

Boys just love to have fun and the weirder the stories the better they like them.

Mac Barnett gets the ball rolling with a story about friendship but Eoin Colfer’s story of a cunning brother is the story that sets this collection alight with  Colfer  revealing the origins of his idea for the Artemis Fowl series.

Kate DiCamillo and Jon Scieszka swap letters between a writer and a reluctant fan in a story Your Question for Author Here,  then David Yoo blows you away with a reverse psychology story between father and son involving a turkey.

A bizarre story about brothers by Jeff Kinney, a Christopher Paul Curtis story of a demented grandfather, a Paul Fieg story of aliens taking over a household and being thwarted by a broccoli eating boy, then a final beauty by Jack Gantos that makes Jackass look tame and you have an excellent collection of yarns suitable for primary and intermediate school boys.

Junior High students will look back with fondness at these stories too and don’t forget the girls, these stories are a good insight into the male psyche, and heaps of fun too.

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