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Prairie Whispers by Frances Arrington

Prairie Whispers by Frances Arrington. Pub. Puffin, 2005.

When I visit schools and talk to their students this novel gets a lot of reaction. Students especially girls from school years 5-8, are attracted to it in droves.

Why is this? Because it is about secrets. Colleen has a secret so vital that it is like a stone in her heart. While riding across the prairie after tending to her mother who is in a coma and waiting for the birth of her baby, Colleen comes upon a wagon in which is a mother who is dieing after giving birth to a baby. She says she is going to die and asks Colleen to look after her baby.

When Colleen’s mother gives birth to a stillborn baby without regaining consciousness and the mother in the wagon dies, Colleen places the live baby in her mother’s bed to make out that this is her baby. What a secret to hold.

Colleen is a brilliant girl and a great role model, but things happen that threaten her secret. Her younger brother pesters her after picking up that she knows something, and the baby’s father comes back. Heart rending stuff.

If you haven’t read this or got it in your libray then you are mad. A superb novel with a reading guide inside. I know it is 2005 but you can still get it.

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