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Z.Rex by Steve Cole

Z.Rex by Steve Cole. Pub Red Fox Books (imprint Random House), 2010.

Adam Adler is 13 years old, a Scotsman and he loves to play X Box games. His father designs such games and uses Adam as  a guinea pig in testing  them. He is working on a new system called Ultra-Reality and has to go away leaving Adam alone in his new Mexico apartment.

Adam looks out the window and sees a flash in the sky but dismisses it, then he gets an unusual text message from his father, or is it? Then massive action. Adam’s apartment is attacked and destroyed by a massive dinosaur like a T-Rex. He escapes and legs it to a small town near a grave site of dinosaurs, pursued by some military men who seem to think he knows something.

He is captured but rescued from his captors by the dinosaur who seems to be able to talk in halted words and wants to keep Adam alive. In fact the dinosaur shows some of Adam’s characteristics, I wonder why? After an action packed chase the dinosaur informs him he is a Z.Rex and wants him to fly to Scotland with him.

What we are dealing with is a dinosaur with intelligence who is seeking revenge. Adam and the Z Rex get on very well. I wonder why? What part does Adam’s father have in this? Riveting stuff and action aplenty.

Very unusual but hypnotically readable. Action readers will love it and the plot is believable and simple. What’s more there is a sequel called Z.Raptor.

Intermediate school and Juniour high school appeal. I loved it and so will you.

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